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A highly sensitive measurement system for radioactivity with a NaI scintillation crystal. Objects with radioactive contaminations and charge can be examined in an quick and easy way. Equipped with fuzzy technology, is medCONT one of the fastest measuring systems with scin- tillation detector. This has a very good application for measuring food, construction materials, measurements of radiactive dose, field surveys and much more.

Easy handling, digital display of the measuring values in impulses per second or nano Sievert per hour (nSv/h), measuring memory up to about 7600 values, Built-in serial interface, interface cable, PC software for data transfer, freely selectable alarm thresholds and measuring ranges.

medCONT can be expanded with a gamma spectroscopy.

medCONT is available with a gamma sensitive NaI scintillation probe, or an alpha-beta gas flow probe.

medCONT can be equipped with four mignon cell batteries or NiCd rechargeable batteries. For this option, we offer a recharge station.

medCONT can also be equipped with a larger scintillation probe, for example 3 x 3 inch or 5 x 5 inch or other probes such as gas or plastic. Please ask for more detailed information!

Technical data

Dimensions: 132x 100 x 45 mm³
Weight: ca. 500 g approx.
Display: LC, clear text, Multi-language,graphic
Measuring range: up to 99999 Ips
Work temperature: from 0 °C to +40 °C
Storage temperature: -40 °C a +90 °C
Feeding current: 4 cells Mignon 1,5 Volts or accumulator
Acoustics signal: Audible impulses detector (alarm excess of limit values).
Kind of protection: IP54
Memory of measuring values: 7600 pairs of values approx.
Interface: Serial RS-232

NaJ(Tl)-scintillation detector (2 x 2")

Kind of rays: γ (gamma)
Dimensions: 250 mm x 57 mm(L*Ø)
Weight: 1300 g approx.
Work temperature: +5 °C to +40 °C
Storage temperature: -10 °C to +70 °C
Variation: Maximum 5 °C/h

Charging station

Dimensions: 211 x 100 x 110 mm³
Current supply: 220V/230V 50Hz, 2VA
Kind of protection: IP40

1001 medCONT with γ-scintillation probe (NaI) 2 x 2 inch
1002 3 x 3 inch NaI probe instead of 2 x 2 inch NaI probe
1005 Lead shielding for NaI detector 2 x 2 inch (ca. 8kg)
1006 Lead shielding for NaI detector 3 x 3 inch (ca. 14kg)
1007 Analog output
1008 Gamma spectroscopy
1009 Battery recharge station




Trusting Beta and Gamma contamination measurement monitor. The excellent price-profit relationship of the miniTrace makes it an attractive alternative also for professional users. Four free adjustment for alarm threshold.    

Technical data

Dime nsions: 82 x 24 x 139 mm³
Weight: 315 g approximately
Indication: LC-Display, 6 positions
Measurement range: 0,0 to 9990,0 Ips

1020 MiniTrace C10



Pocket size dose rate meter for ioni- zing radiation. Suitable for official calibration. Measuring range from 0,1 to 999,9μSv/h in three scales including nine digital alarmthresholds. The Radioscope shows the exact value of the background radiation. Acoustic signalization of impulses.      

Technical data

Dimensions: 114 x 172 x 35 mm³
Weight: approx. 200 g
Display: LC-Display
Measurement range:
0,100 to 9,999 μSv/h
1,000 to 99,99 μSv/h
10,00 to 999,9 μSv/h

1010 Radioscope


Geiger counter "Inspector"

It is a simple radiation measurement instrument with high proofing sensibility for x-, alfa, beta and gamma rays. Digital display, indication of impulses by red LED and acoustic signalization facilitate the radioacti- vity measurement and verification. Other advantages are the specification of the measurement time (Timer) and the support of a calibration factor.

Comes with impulse output for computer, data recorder (EasyLog), among others.    

Technical data

Dimensions: 150 x 80 x 30 mm³
Weight: 300 g approximately
Display: LC-display
Measurement range:
up to 300000 Ipm
0,01 - 1000 μSv/h
Indication ranges:
cpm, cps, mR/h.
μSv/h, timer
Power: 9 V, battery of block
Interface: pulse output TTL

1100 Inspector


Dust collector for determining radongas or taking samples of dust in the house

1012 Dust sampler ALK
1013 Fiber glass filter for dust sampler round (10 pieces)

Special marinelli beaker for 2 x 2 inch NaJ detectors for measuring radioactivity in food, building materials and others.

1014 Marinelli beaker for Bq-Analyzer and medCONT

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