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Magnetic alternate fields Print E-mail


Light weight and totally equipped, our TriMag is ideal for commercial or domestic use. TriMag measures with great precision very low frequency magnetic fields generated by electrical devices. It can be used for the measurement of magnetic fields emissions in a wide range of sources, for example: engines, screens, variable current conductors, office devices, electro domestics and all kind of electric and electronic devices.    

Technical data

Measurement ranges:
0,01 - 48 μT (resolution: 10 n T) (Signalization in mG is possible)
Divergences on measurement values: ±5% typical
Frequency range: 10 Hz - 100 kHz ±3 dB
Calibration frequency: 50 Hz
Dimensions: 150 x 85 x 30 mm³
Weight: ca. 250 g approximately
Power supply: 9 V block battery or accumulator
Power consumption: 30 mA approx.
Interface: optional, serial and pen writer output
Signalization: digital and analog LCD
Work temperature: -10 °C bis +50 °C

4119 TriMag

FM 6 Magnetic & electric field measurement device


Combined device for magnetic density flow and variable electric fields strength measurement. The FM 6 is a universal device for electric smog measurement on electric and magnetic variable fields. FM 6 qualities were confirmed through ÖkoTest (6/96): Of the 15 devices for electro smog measurement; the FM 6 was the only one that was "recommended".       

Technical data

Frequency range: 16 Hz - 100 kHz ± 1 dB
Flux density range: 1 nT - 20000 nT ± 5%
Field strength ranger: 1 V/m - 2000 V/m ± 10 %
AC: 1 - 2000 V ± 2,5 %

4006 FM-6, incl. probe, earth band


EM-Combitest for electric and electromagnetic fields.       

Technical data

Frequency range: 10 to 2000 Hz
Measurement range: 0-100 V/m, 0-100 nT, 0-1000 nT

4130 Genitron Kombitest 50/60Hz
4131 Genitron Kombitest 10-2000Hz

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