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Electroacupuncture DAP-1 according to Dr. Voll

Electroacupuncture DAP-1 according to Dr. Voll

The compact design of this instrument is combined with its connectivity to a notebook or laptop offers you the freedom of mobility.

To assess the stress level caused by electropollution, indoor toxins etc. we also supply a great variety of test ampoules.

The software DAP (Digital Acupuncture) in combination with the measuring interface DAP-1 allows to measure, display and print skin conductivity values of individual test results or a whole series of test results.

It is possible to find, measure and diagnose acupuncture points.

For a single measurement the value is expressed as x/t record.

Particularly critical acupuncture points can be monitored this way. Chronic malfunctions are indicated by a drop in the measurement value.

Series measurements can store up to 100 freely selectable measuring points. The individual measuring points are displayed on the screen side by side as vertical bars.    

Delivery volume

DAP-1 electro acupuncture device, probes, manual electrodes, testing plate, 3 cables, DAP PC Software (Windows 3.1, 95, 98, 2000, ME, XP), battery.

5800 Electro acupuncture DAP-1 incl. probes, cables, software for PC
5801 Case for DAP-1 (Aluminium, H 147 mm, T 272 mm, B 362 mm)
5802 Test plate for testing of medications
5803 Elektrode replacement (ball head or slotted head, please specify)
5804 Hand electrode brass (lead free) replacement
5805 Test nosodes (20 ampoules)

DAP-3 Energy testerDAP-3 Energy tester

This is a very compact test device and it works without any additional PC, which makes it possible to use it on site.

For an easy and fast test of electro smog charges, home poisons, etc., several test blisters are available, as well as a Testplate.

Acupuncture points can be placed, measured and determined with these.

On the measuring handle, a luminous ribbon is found.

Due to these characteristics, and also with the acoustic signalization it is possible to easily find acupuncture points.

Through a button on the handle, different acupuncture points can be stimulated. The intensity of the stimulation is also adjustable.

By means of an optional PC interface, it is also possible to save the documentation in a database.    

5830 Energy tester DAP-3

Georhythmogram GRGGeorhythmogram GRG

A georhythmogram regarding Dr. Hartmann is an examination opportunity, which allows to assess the level of stress in a given situation. In different places the test person is exposed to various agents and influences either causing or relieving stress.     

5001 Georhythmogram GRG in plastic case

Water TestWater Test

Portable laboratory that allows to carry out 4 measurements in a few seconds. Measurement of the most essential water parameters - pH, redox potential, dissolved solid substances content and temperature - they all are carried out in just one device.       

Technical data

Temperature: 0 °C to +60 °C
Conductibility: 0 to 1999 μS/cm
pH: 0,0 to 14,0 pH
ORP: -1000 to +1000 mV
Temperature range: 0 °C to + 50 °C
Dimensions: 190 x 85 x 85 mm³
Weight: 260 g. approximately
Powersupply: 3 batteries of 1,5 V each

5012 Water Test
5013 Buffer Solution pH 4,01 (230 ml)
5014 Buffer Solution pH 7,01 (230 ml)
5015 Buffer Solution pH 10,01 (230 ml)
5016 Redox Solutn. 200/275 mV (230 ml)
5017 Oxidation Solution
5018 Cal. Solution 1413 μS/cm (230 ml)
5019 Storage Solution (230 ml)

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