SleepSafe Technology
 The SleepSafe Technology is a combination of shielding and the modification of the electrical system of you home to ensure a restful sleep without harmful radiation.

How does it work?

The two main components of the SleepSafe Technology are an automatic demand switch (automatic disconnection switch) and a shielding canopy for your bed.

Automatic Demand Switch

An automatic demand switch disconnects all electricity in sleeping and other areas whenever it is not needed (i.e. at night ) and therefore ensures a restful sleep.

It is easy to install and ensures that your immune system gets the rest it needs and the opportunity to recharge.

Shielding Bed Canopy

We import the world's finest shielding fabric from Switzerland. The fabric reflects high frequency radiation and microwaves coming from cell phone towers and other sources. Biological effects on the body are eliminated allowing it to rest and the immune system to recharge.

The SleepSafe Technology will give your body what it needs ñ a restful and healthy sleep.

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