Magnetic static fields


Our sophisticated three-axis digital magnetometer detects the strength and direction of a magnetic field. Applications are range from laboratory instrumentation, anomaly detection to traffic and vehicle detection. Inside the probe there are three magnetic field sensors combined with a microprocessor.

This highly sensitive magnetometer can be connected to our medCONT handheld instruments.

  • measurement reading independent from sensor orientation
  • Range of ± 10 nT bis ± 200 μT
  • easy handling
  • sensitivity better 10 nT (100 μG)
Either the isotrope value (3D) or the value of each individual sensor of the three axes can be displayed.

A min and max function allows for easy detection of changes in magnetic field strength.

Absolute or relative measurements (push button to zero meter) are additional outstanding features.    

Technical data

Measurement range: <± 10 nT bis ± 200 μT
Measurement errors: ± 1% relative to the full range
Maximum magnetic field allowed: ± 1 mT
Maximum resolution: 7 nT
Temperature range: -40°C to +85°C

5200 3D-Geo-Magnetometer

Magnetometer MFM-1Magnetometer MFM-1

For the measurement of magnetic fields like the earth's magnetic field and for the detection of anomalies and biologically significant factors specific to a given location.

The external test probe is connected to the measurement instrument via an probe connector cable, allowing for exact positioning of the probe in hard-to-reach areas. The direction value of the measurement makes it possible to locate the source of magnetic field radiation.
  • Measurement values displayed on large instrument
  • selectable measuring areas
  • robust
  • sensitive fluxgate detector
  • low cost
  • simple to handle
  • swichable audio signal, frequency changes with intensity
  • connection for external pen writer (optional)

Technical data

Measurement range: 1 nT bis 100000 nT (=100 μT)
Measurement errors: ± 2% ± 0,3 μT related to full range
Zero point drift: < 2 nT/K maximum permitted
Magnetic field: ± 1 mT
Maximum resolution: 1 nT
Temperatures range: -40 °C to +85 °C

5203 Magnetometer MFM-1

Magnetometer MFM-2Magnetometer MFM-2

Used for measuring constant magnetic fields, such as the earth magnetic field and also for anomalies detection and biological effects on local factors with digital precision!

MFM-2 uses the same measuring probe found in the MFM-1. It is joined to the measuring device by a cable-probe through which an exact guide of the probes to difficult access areas is achieved. Because of the directional characteristic of this measuring probe, the disturbance source can be localized.
  • LC-Display
  • selectable measurement ranges
  • robust construction
  • sensitive flux gate sensor
  • easy handling
  • tone signal, tone height changes with measurement values
  • connection for external pen writer (optional)

Technical data

Measurement range: 1 nT bis 100000 nT (=100 μT)
Measurement errors: ± 2 % ±0,3 μT related to full range
Interfaces: Optional serial and penwriter interface
Display: digital and analog LCD
Zero point drift: < 2 nT/K
Maximum permitted magnetic field: ±1 mT
Maximum resolution: 1 nT
Temperature range: -40 °C to +85 °C

5210 Magnetometer MFM-2


The perfect type for presenting the three-dimensional nature of the constant magnetic field (for example: terrestrial magnetic field). Magnaprobe is a small double rotation positioned magnet. The north magnetic pole is red, the south magnetic pole is blue.

5220 Magnaprobe I (with diamond seat).
5221 Magnaprobe II