Cell phone radiation

 For approximately the last fifteen years mobile (cell phone) communication systems have been in use.

These systems use pulsed electromagnetic waves for transmission.

Pulsed radiation not only has a thermal effect but it also has biological effects.

Environmnetal doctors and scientists around the world warn about the adverse health effects of such radiation.

Many Pediatricians, Environmental Doctors, and Building Biologists report such symptoms as, sleep disorder, tachycardia, cardiac arrhythmia, headache, tinnitus, allergies, depression, learning disabilities, memory loss, migraine, blood pressure variance, opening of the blood brain barrier and more.

International studies:

  • http://www.bioinitiative.org/ a review of nearly 2000 studies
  • Brain Damage (Perrson et al. 1997, von Klitzing 1999, Saalford et al. 2000)
  • Genetic Disturbance ( Lai & Sing 1995, Philips et al. 1998, Vijalami et. Al 1997 und 1998, Goswami et al. 1999),
  • Compromised Immune System (Fesenko 1999, Lyle et al. 1983, Burch et al. 1997 und 1998)
  • Tumors and Cancer (Guy et al. 1984, Repacholi et al. 1997, Hardell 1999)

To minimize your risk and exposure we perform measurements of high frequency radiation and discuss shielding and mitigation options with you.

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