Healthy Getaway
Healthy GetawaySpend a week-end, a week or several months in a newly constructed, healthy, beautiful property on the shores of Georgian Bay, near the charming town of Thornbury.

Low to non-existent electric fields, SleepSafe bedrooms, no off-gassing chemicals, temperature and moisture controlled environment are all factors which will ensure that you have a relaxing and health-giving stay.

  • The building is constructed according to the 25 principles of building biology which guarantees the healthiest structure possible.
  • The site was first tested for geopathic stress and the house was then built on a clear space using Durisol block as the primary construction material, producing a Breathing Envelope.
  • The wood chip blocks are coated with natural lime plasters and stuccos inside and out, which eliminates the necessity of using plastic wind and vapour barriers.
  • Fiberglass rebar was used in lieu of steel to reduce electromagnetic fields within the house and all electric wiring runs through shielded cables.
  • The water in the house is free of chlorine and fluoride and the drinking water is all treated by a reverse osmosis system.
  • Radiant heat is supplied by a masonry stove, hot water radiators, towel racks and in-wall piping
  • Flooring materials are natural pine, maple and clay tile and are sealed with natural citrus oils, as are all other wood surfaces in the house.
  • The roof shingles are concrete tiles, which have better shielding qualities from microwave and cell radiation than regular shingles and no off gassing.
  • The interior walls are painted with a natural, chemical-free, odorless, mineral paint.
  • The house has been furnished primarily with antique pieces of furniture and interesting pieces of art, providing a comfortable and welcoming country environment.
Relax on your own private deck overlooking beautiful Georgian Bay or enjoy the soothing salt-water hot tub as you watch the nightly spectacle in the sky.

Close to outstanding golf courses, hiking and biking trails, the best skiing in Ontario, unique shopping, gourmet dining, water sports and more, the area offers four season delights.

There­s something here for everyone.

The Town of the Blue Mountains

Detoxify, desensitize, unwind mentally and physically in a safe environment, knowing your body will be free from the stress of chemicals and electric fields.

This architecturally designed space includes a private two-storey wing with two separate entrances, two bedrooms, bath, kitchen and great-room overlooking the bay in one direction and garden in the other, with walk-out to a private waterfront deck.

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