Do buildings make us sick?

 When people are chronically fatigued, asthmatic, have recurring sinus infections and headaches or are depressed, it could be due to their home or office environment. Insufficient shielding from electrical wiring, out gassing toxins or fungi and bacteria are all potential health risk factors.

Breathing Easy is highly qualified to evaluate the indoor air quality of your home. Existing and potential problems are identified and a remediation strategy is discussed and implemented if required. All the procedures and instruments used in testing, as well as the laboratory findings, are then discussed with you and the results documented in a thorough and detailed report.

We test for the following:

Environmental toxins and poisons in the indoor climate

  • Formaldehyde and other toxic gases
  • Solvents and other volatile organic compounds
  • Biocides and other semi-organic compounds
  • Inorganic toxins
  • Particles and fibers (dust, suspended particles, asbestos)
  • Indoor climate (temperature, humidity, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, combustible gases (sewer, natural gas etc.)
  • New building material off gassing
  • Moisture profile of the building

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