Why Healthy Building?

 Building practices have changed drastically in the last 25 years and in two areas in particular.

  • In order to conserve energy we are sealing our buildings.
  • Thousands of chemicals have been incorporated into our building materials.

As a result we are sealing ourselves into our living/working spaces with these chemicals. We are breathing them into our lungs and absorbing them into our skin.

Are our buildings practices in conflict with human health?

The EPA has recently stated, "indoor air pollution in residences, offices and other buildings is widely recognized as one of the most serious potential environmental risks to human health". It is, in fact, many times more of a threat than outdoor air pollution. Of the 80,000 chemicals in common use today, less than 1,000 have been tested for their toxic effects on the human nervous system. There are now millions of people who are chronically ill from chemical exposures. Is there a correlation and if so how do we solve our indoor pollution problem?

Building Biology is the study of the impact of the built environment on human health and the application of this knowledge to the construction or modification of homes and work places.

We consult in the following areas for new construction/renovation of healthy homes :

  • Full Electro Magnetic and Inddor Air Qauality assessments
  • Building site location
  • Design and construction of utilities, plumbing, heating and air conditioning systems, water filtration and inside finishes.
  • Assessment of building materials.
  • Referrals to architects, engineers and craftsmen experienced in building biology.
  • Referrals to manufacturers and suppliers of natural building products.