Indoor Air Quality and Mould Testing

 Indoor Air Quality and Mould/Mold Testing consists of a thourough visual and instrument based inspection with a following laboratory
analysis. We use the latest technology in instrumentation
and methodology based on science and physics.

For more info check out mould & moisture.

We are able to perform a complete survey for a
large number of possible contaminants and exposures,
including radon gas and asbestos fibres.

We issue a detailed comprehensive report and recomendation for mitigation.
We make the invisible world visible for you.
Protect yourself and your family!

Let us make your house a safe place for you and your family and call us for a free initial consultation.

Our firm applies the science based principles of Building Biology a science originated in Germany.
Building Biology is the study of the impact of the built environment on human health and the application of this knowledge to the construction or modification of homes and workplaces.

In Building Biology we look closely at the indoor air quality in your home which can be compromised by mould & moisture problems.

Another important area of concern is electromagnetic and cell phone radiation.

It is our goal to eliminate environmental exposure as much as possible to reduce health risks.

With our SleepSafe technology we ensure a healthy sleep and provide your immune system with the rest it needs.
With complete Building Biology environmental home inspection we minimize health risk greatly.
To help you to create a healthier indoor environment and protect your family we offer a variety of products to achieve this goal.

The mission of Breathing Easy is to join technical expertise, biological understanding and ecological sensitivity to promote healthy homes and workplaces.

Our main objective is to educate, specifically, to help people realize that homes and workplaces can be created to bring the benefits of both health and aesthetics into their living environments. Creating an awareness of the health hazards that may exist in our living spaces not only improves health and provides a sense of well being, but also has an impact on the survival of this planet.

A Building Biology Environmental Consultant is a professional certified in all aspects of environmental assessment.

A Consultant

  • provides services for both offices, industry and private residences
  • provides indoor environmental assessments for real estate property
  • provides consultation on building practices for both new construction and renovation of existing buildings

Breathing Easy and Building Biology

Breathing Easy is a building consulting firm based on the 25 principles of Building Biology.

Breathing Easy employs only certified Building Biologists and uses internationally accepted measurement technology.

Our technology and methods of investigation are based on the most current scientific knowledge and we use the highest standards available in instrumentation and laboratory service.

Breathing Easy is in close contact with hospitals, health care institutions, scientists, building biologists and researchers around the world.

An assessment of your home or workplace gives you the highest level of quality assurance and only a complete inspection can identify all potential health hazards.

You and your family are important to us and we will work with you to assure that your personal needs are taken into consideration.