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EMF Meter - Electromagnetic Field Detector Print E-mail
Gauss meter / Tesla Meter & Electric Field Detector
  • Dual function, single axis EMF Meter allows true peak measurement of Magnetic "M" Fields and Electric "E" Fields
  • Unmatched frequency ranges from 5 Hz to 400 kHz
  • Detects Electromagnetic Fields from Electrical Wiring, High Voltage Power Lines, Transformers, Appliances, Computers, Electronic Devices and more ...
Type eME3030B eME3851A eME3951A
gigahertz solutions
breathing easy
eME3030B eME3851A eME3951A
Cost $195.00 CAD $799.00 CAD $1,079.00 CAD
Calibration Certificate - $245.00 CAD $245.00 CAD
Frequency Ranges:
Scale 16 Hz - 2KHz    
Standard Scales with Frequency Filters   5Hz-100kHz
16,7 Hz
16,7 Hz
Accuracy 2% -2dB 2% -1dB 2% -1dB
Electric Field Measuring Ranges (Volts / Meter): - included with meter x - not included with meter
0 - 199.9 V/m (fine) x
0 - 1999 V/m (coarse)
Magnetic Field Measuring Ranges (nanoTessla nT): Note: 100 nT = 1 milliGauss mG
0 - 199.9 nT (fine) x
0 - 1999 nT (coarse)
Acoustic Signal Analysis: - included with meter, C - compatible with meter x - not compatible with meter
Proportional to Strength
Optional Accessory Compatibility: - included with meter x - not included with meter
Calibration Certificate x C C
Compatible with TCO-light Probe x C C
Compatible with DP-3000A External display x C C
Offset - Test Mode x
AC / DC Outputs x
Data logging x C C
Protective Plastic Case x
Power Features: - included with meter C - compatible with meter x - not compatible with meter
9V Alkaline Battery C C
9V NiMH Battery rechargeable x
Battery lifetime 10-12 hours 6-7 hours 6-7 hours
Auto-Power Off 40min
Low Battery Indicator
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