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VC840: Professional Body Voltage meter and Hand Probe Accessory Kit Print E-mail

Price: $199.00 CAD
VC 840 - True RMS Digital Multimeter

AC Electric Fields from live electrical wires are attracted to our bodies. The VC 840 indicates the intensity of AC Electric Field exposure from your environment.
  • For precise body voltage measurements
  • Measures AC electricity that "couples" onto the human body
  • Comes with hand probe, ground cable and other accessories (see left)
  • Ready to use with PC or Laptop via Infrared serial port
  • Easy to use software on CD - Microsoft windows compatible (Win95 and Above)
  • Data logging software extra - compatible with ME3851A, ME3951A, and the HF59B
  • 1 Year Manufacturers warranty

Manual (PDF format)

Measuring Instructions (PDF format)

  • VC 840 Multimeter
  • VC 840 Operating Manual
  • Body Voltage measuring instructions
  • Standard meter leads
  • Serial RS232 Interface Cable 9 pin (IR)
  • Installation Guide & Software CD-Rom
  • Temperature Probe
  • Test Clip

eZS3000 Body Voltage Accessory Kit

  • Hand Probe
  • Hand probe cable (red)
  • Ground Wire
  • BNC to 2.5mm adapter cable
  • BNC to 4mm plug
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