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BV-Home: Body Voltage Home Test Kit Print E-mail

Price: $175.00 CAD
Easy to Use Body Voltage Home Test Kit

AC Electric Fields from live electrical wires are attracted to bodies. This test kit will indicate the intensity of AC Electric Field exposure from your environment.
  • For precise body voltage measurements in millivolts
  • Complies with Bau-Biologie measurement standards
  • Detailed Body Voltage measuring instructions included
  • Complete with hand probe, ground cable, ground rod and other accessories
  • Meter includes a standard 9V alkaline battery
  • 1 Year Manufacturers warranty
Hook Up

Earth Grounding - Preferred Method Water Pipe Grounding - Optional Method
  • Body Voltage Meter
  • Body Voltage Measuring Instructions
  • Test Lead 20 inches - Red - For Hand Probe
  • Test Lead 33 feet - Black - For Grounding
  • Ground Rod - 10 inches - Stainless Steel
  • Hand Probe - 4 inches - Polished Aluminum
  • Alligator Clip
  • Water Pipe Clamp
Measuring Instructions (PDF format)
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